Victorian Recorder Guild

Music Resources

VRG Library
We have an extensive library of sheet music. Items in the library range from music for soloists to large groups, some being for recorders in combination with other instruments. Much of the music is available in multiple copies.

If you would like to borrow from the library (available only to members living in Victoria), please go to our Library Loan page.

Sheet Music Sites
'Choral Public Domain Library' (CPDL) specialises in choral music. This site also has links to information about composers.
'Werner Icking Music Archive' (WIMA) specialises in instrumental music - with quite a lot of it for recorders. This site also lists similar or related websites.
See our Sheet Music page for further links to websites that offer free downloadable sheet music.
Three freely available fonts made by Doug Truter may be of interest to you. One font can make fingering diagrams in a vertical pattern while another can make them horizontally. The third font contains drawings mainly of recorders and crumhorns, similar to a Wingdings font but with different images. Click here to find out more about these fonts and how to download them.