Past Events

Scenes from various VRG events 2013-2017

Date Time Title Description
Sunday 19/05/202413:30SoiréeSt George’s Anglican Church Hall, 296 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern. If your group would like to snap up one of the coveted performing spots, let Liz know by email as soon possible.
Sunday 21/04/202413:30Blow-in with Ruth WilkinsonVenue Stonnington Community Uniting Church. 59 Burke Rd, East Malvern. Note change of date.
Sunday 17/03/202414:00Workshop and blow-in with Evelyn NallenBalwyn Community Centre, Function Room, 412 Whitehorse Rd, Surrey Hills
Saturday 24/02/202414:00AGM and Blow-in with Liz Zetzmann St Georges Anglican Church Hall, 296 Glenferrie Road, Malvern 3144
Saturday 20/01/202414:30Blow-in with Anna StegmannBalwyn Community Centre, Function Room, 412 Whitehorse Rd, Surrey Hills. REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT IN ADVANCE REQUIRED.
Saturday 20/01/202412:30Consort Workshop, with Anna Stegmann. Will be followed by afternoon tea 2 pm - 2:30 and then blow-in. Registration form available on this page,Balwyn Community Centre, Function Room, 412 Whitehorse Rd, Surrey Hills
Sunday 19/11/202314:00Christmas blow-in with Emma Nicholson. Burwood Heights Uniting Church. South-east corner Blackburn Rd and Burwood Highway (347 Blackburn Rd), East Burwood. Enter from south-bound lane of Blackburn Rd.
Saturday 28/10/202314:00Low-pitch recorder (8-foot) workshop with Margaret Wright. For players of Tenor, Bass, Greatbass, Contrabass and below. St George's Anglican Church 296 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern. Registration form link available on this page.
Friday 29/09/202309:00VRG Spring FestivalFri 29/9, Sat 30/9 and Sun 1/10 Balwyn Community Centre 412 Whitehorse Rd Surrey Hills. Registration form link on this page
Saturday 16/09/202313:30Winter Project - Concert, followed by Blow-inWith Ryan Williams Canterbury Girls' High School 16 Mangarra Rd Canterbury
Saturday 26/08/202313:30Winter Project - Session 3With Ryan Williams Canterbury Girls' High School 16 Mangarra Rd Canterbury
Saturday 05/08/202313:30Blow in with Rodney Waterman Opera Australia Studio 2, 4th floor, 35 City Road, Southbank. It is about 10 minutes' walk from Flinders Street Station, car parking available nearby in commercial car parks.
Sunday 30/07/202313:30Winter Project - Session 2With Ryan Williams Canterbury Girls' High School 16 Mangarra Rd Canterbury
Saturday 01/07/202313:30Winter Project - Session 1With Ryan Williams Canterbury Girls' High School 16 Mangarra Rd Canterbury Bookings open soon - check newsletter
Sunday 07/05/202313:30SoireeSt Paul's Hall cnr Highfield Rd and Church St Canterbury
Sunday 26/03/202314:00AGM and Blow-inSt Paul's Hall Cnr Margaret and Church Sts Canterbury
Sunday 19/02/202314:00Blow-inStonnington Uniting Church corner Coppin St and Burke Rd East Malvern
Sunday 22/01/202314:00Masterclass for ensembles and Blow-in with Anna StegmannVenue: Balwyn Community Centre, Function Room, 412 Whitehorse Rd, Surrey Hills. It is planned to run an afternoon which will combine 3 master class sessions, each of 30 minutes, followed by a Blow-in, all conducted by Anna. Everyone attending the event will attend the masterclasses as audience; in this way, everyone will benefit from Anna’s advice and insights. If your group would like to participate as performers in one of the 3 master class sessions, you need to be aware that there will be an audience!  The cost to be $30 for each masterclass participant, and $15 for others. Please download form from link below, complete, and return to Sue Lyons
Saturday 03/12/202214:00Christmas blow-inFrankston Uniting Church 16 High St, Frankston
Sunday 06/11/202213:30VRG soiréeBalwyn Community Centre 412 Whitehorse Rd, Surrey Hills
Friday 30/09/2022Spring Recorder Festivalto run to 2nd October. St Paul's Anglican Church, corner Margaret and Church Streets, Canterbury
Sunday 11/09/202213:30Blow-in with Ryan Williams and Winter Project concert Canterbury Girls Secondary College, 16 Mangarra Road, Canterbury
Sunday 28/08/202213:30VRG Winter project, led by Ryan Williams - Day 3Refer to email sent to participants 16th June 2022. Venue Canterbury Girls Secondary College, 16 Mangarra Road, Canterbury from 1.30pm to 4.00pm. We will have a short break midway, we will not be providing afternoon tea so you need to bring your own water, hot drink etc.
Sunday 31/07/202213:30VRG Winter Project, led by Ryan Williams - Day 2Refer to email sent to participants 16th June 2022. Venue Canterbury Girls Secondary College, 16 Mangarra Road, Canterbury from 1.30pm to 4.00pm. We will have a short break midway, we will not be providing afternoon tea so you need to bring your own water, hot drink etc.
Sunday 17/07/202213:30Blow-in with Rodney WatermanStonnington Uniting Church Cnr Burke Rd and Coppin St, East Malvern
Sunday 26/06/202213:30VRG Winter Project led by Ryan Williams - Day 1Refer to email sent to participants 16th June 2022. Venue Canterbury Girls Secondary College, 16 Mangarra Road, Canterbury from 1.30pm to 4.00pm. We will have a short break midway, we will not be providing afternoon tea so you need to bring your own water, hot drink etc.
Sunday 01/05/202214:00Soiree and 50th Birthday celebrationArmadale Baptist Church 88 Kooyong Road, Armadale
Sunday 27/03/202214:00Blow-in with Rodney WatermanHigh Street Rd Uniting Church 482 High Street Road, Mount Waverley, cnr Stewart St
Friday 01/10/2021Myrniong 2021:1 - 3 October. We spent quite some time in the AGM discussing the complexities of planning for the Myrniong weekend that we face again this year. It is clear that while we all want to have the weekend program, and everyone loves going to Myrniong.
Sunday 25/07/202113:30The famous VRG SoireeVenue: High Street Rd Uniting Church, 428 High Street Rd, Mt Waverley (cnr Stewart St). So now is the time to start practising! There will be more information in a later newsletter about how this will run. A decision on whether this event will have to be postponed will be made late on Tuesday 20th July, and members will be notified asap afterwards.
Sunday 23/05/202114:00Blow-in with Katrina DowlingVenue: St Faith's Anglican Church, 4 Charles St, Glen Iris Katrina is thinking of working on 3 pieces she has arranged for recorders: Bassa Nova for recorder orchestra, Gospel Blues for recorder ensemble, and Scottish Trad. Song for 3 recorder choir.
Sunday 25/04/202114:00Blow-in with Hannah ColemanVenue: High Street Rd Uniting Church, Mount Waverley, 428 High Street Rd, Mt Waverley (cnr Stewart St). Hannah says: A Joyful Noise! An afternoon of music designed for pure enjoyment! The aim of this blow-in is simply to revel in the joy of being and playing together again.
Sunday 14/03/202114:00AGM and Blow-in with Liz ZetzmannAfter the AGM, Liz took us through our paces. We played Mein Kleiner Gruner Kaktus (My little green cactus) by Bert Reisfeld, Vier Echostucke (Four Echoes) by Eberhard Werdin, and Boxwood Bounce, by Ken Andresenn. It was terrific to be playing in a big group again, and, in spite of our enforced holiday from big group playing, we sight-read our way creditably through some challenging rhythms, pesky accidentals and tricky entries, all at Liz's trade-mark brisk tempos! Thanks Liz! This was lovely start to the year.
Sunday 15/03/202014:00AGM and Blow-in with Liz ZetzmannAGM and Blow-in with Liz Zetzmann Sunday March 15, 2.00 to 5.00 Venue: Stonnington Community Uniting Church
Saturday 15/02/202014:00Blow-in led by Hannah ColemanSaturday 15 February 2020, 2 to 5pm, Canterbury Girls' Secondary College, Mangarra Road, Canterbury, led by Hannah Coleman.
Saturday 16/11/201914:00Blow-in led by Suzanne Palmer-Holton and Di RexSaturday 16 November, 2 to 5pm, Frankston Uniting Church, 16 High Street, Frankston, led by Suzanne Palmer-Holton and Di Rex, present and past President of VRG.
Thursday 03/10/2019Myrniong Recorder WeekendThursday evening 3rd Oct to Sunday afternoon 6th Oct. The tutors will be Hans_Dieter Michatz, Kamala Bain (NZ), Simon Rickart, Rodney Waterman and Will Hardy. Lake Dewar Lodge, Myrniong
Saturday 31/08/201913:00Workshop with Joanne Saunders, recorder maker. Venue: The Bishop's Parlour, Abbotsford Convent, St Heliers Sreet, Abbotsford. Joanne will speak about recorder construction and how sound production can be affected by the way you blow into the recorder. From a maker's viewpoint this is important and often when we blame our recorder, we could be the one at fault.
She will give us some tone and sound production exercises to work on and lead us in a "big blow" of four-part Renaissance music.
Registration required: please refer to newsletter.
Sunday 14/07/201913:00VRG Annual Soiree to be held on 14th July at High Street Road Uniting Church, Mt Waverley. Starting at 1 p.m. and finishing around 4 p.m.Items should be no more than 3 minutes long and preference will generally be given to groups rather than soloists. Players with all levels of experience are welcome. If you wish to participate please email us at with the details.
Friday 12/07/2019Music Library.We are planning to open the library on Friday 5 July and Friday 12 July.
Sunday 16/06/201913:00BLOW_IN in JUNEKatarina Dowling will lead a blow-in on 16th June 1 - 4 p.m. at St Faith's Church, 4 Charles Street, Glen Iris.
Saturday 18/05/201910:00Joint Event WORKSHOP in Ballarat led by Simon Rickart on Saturday 18th May. There will a full program of teaching and playing at York Street Church of Christ, 410 York Street, Ballarat East. We will start at 10:30 and finish at 3 p.m. For more information about transport etc refer to the April Newsletter.
Saturday 13/04/2019Fundamental Harmonics: a Beginners Guide to Harmonics on the RecorderRachel Snedden, best known to many of us as conductor of the Melbourne Recorder Orchestra, will talk about his topic and then after a break she will lead a blow-in. On 13th April from 1 to 4 p.m. (wintertime) at High Street Road Uniting Church at 482 High Street Road (at the corner of Stewart Street).
Saturday 16/03/2019VRG Annual General Meeting and Blow-in with Liz ZetzmannSaturday 16 March from 2 to 5 p.m. at Stonnington Community Uniting Church, Malvern East
Saturday 16/03/2019The VRG Annual General Meeting will be followed by a Blow-In led by Liz Zetzmanon Saturday 16 March from 2.00 to 5.00 p.m. at Stonnington Community Uniting Church, Malvern East.
Saturday 16/02/2019Blow-in with Suzanne Palmer-Holton and Jill Ferris Saturday 16 Feb from 2 to 5 p.m. at St Georges Anglican Church Centre, Malvern
Saturday 01/12/2018Festive Blow-in with Di RexNov 1, 2 - 5 p.m The Blow-in will be followed by a festive afternoon tea.
Sunday 11/11/2018Blow-in led by Rodney Waterman Two Gems for Recorder Orchestra 11 November 2 - 5 p.m. This event will be held at the U3A Hall, at the back of 14 Ivanhoe Parade, Ivanhoe.
Thursday 04/10/2018Spring Weekend at Myrniong4 to 7 October 2018 Join us for a full program stretching from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon with some wonderful tutors incl. Malcolm Tattersal. The venue is the Myrniong YMCA. The booking form is due back by 24th August. Please contact us immediately by email if you have not received a copy of the information brochure and booking form.
Saturday 18/08/201813:00BLOW IN with Barb PraetzA Modern Touch - music by Andrews, Challenger, Charlton and Davidson at St Phillips Anglican Church, Mt Waverley. Time: 1 - 4 pm
Sunday 22/07/2018Soiree Sunday 22nd July 1 pm to 4 pm. Venue: High Street Road Uniting Church, 482 High Street Road, Mt Waverley A soiree is being organised by Liz Zetzmann. Groups and individuals, who wish to actively participate should contact the organiser by sending an email to the Guild, who will forward your email to Liz Zetzmann. The Melbourne Recorder Orchestra will be performing music commissioned by the Guild in memory of Colin Smith.
Saturday 30/06/201810:00Workshop for consorts led by members of the group Dolce Ombre30th June; 10am to 4pm at Spensley Street Primary School, Clifton Hill

It is proposed to work with preformed ensembles that wish to be tutored in particular compositions that they have been studying together. Newly formed and established ensembles of all standards welcome.
The idea is not to present new music on the day but that each ensemble presents pieces already studied. The notes have been learned and then we can help with more musical ideas concerned with style, appropriate articulation, ornamentation and tuning.
The end of the workshop will bring the ensembles together for a short Show and Tell concert and Dolce Ombre will also present a couple of works from the renaissance to the present day. A special treat will be a performance of a new work by ensemble member Ryan Williams.
Saturday 26/05/2018Blow-In: The Merry Month of MaySaturday 26th May, 1 - 4 pm Venue: St Faith's Anglican Church, 4 Charles Street, Glen Iris. Jill Ferris will lead an afternoon of music loosely connected to Spring ..... well it is spring somewhere! We will explore some madrigals, which refer to the variuos joys os spring (maybe even 'Now is the month of Maying') The emphasis will be on melodic shaping and on making the most of the drama of the words. Bring your instruments, a music stand, a small amount of yummy afternoon tea and $6 to help cover costs.
Sunday 22/04/2018Genevieve Lacey - resident at MRC in 2018Nest 2-7pm April 21 (in 3 parts)
In the Melbourne Recital Centre Salon, actor Natasha Herbert will join theatre visionaries Daniel Schlusser, Ben Cobham and Jim Atkins in a unique collaboration with musicians Andrea Keller (piano), Simon Barker (drums), and Genevieve.
Sunday 15/04/2018Dolce L'Ombre concertSaturday 14 April 2 pm
Christ Church Brunswick
8 Glenlyon Road
Ruth Wilkinson, Ryan Williams, Hannah Coleman, Alex Bailliet-Joly
Saturday 07/04/2018Big Big-blow Saturday 7 April 2 pm to 5 pm. Venue: Stonnington Community Church, cnr Coppin Street and Burke Road, Malvern East. (used to be Ewing Memorial)
Bring the usual: instruments, stand, afternoon tea and $6.00
This Big-Blow will play pieces that will be led by Suzanne, Jeanette and Roger. It will be varied and will have something for everyone!
Sunday 18/03/2018Annual General MeetingThe Victorian Recorder Guild Inc Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 18 March, at 2.00pm at Canterbury Girls Secondary College, Canterbury, Irilbarra Rd entrance. This will be followed by a Blow-in.
Sunday 11/02/201814:00Blow-in with Rodney Waterman11 February 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm Canterbury Girls' School Rodney is choosing music from a range of music that features counterpoint, music built up with threads of melodies. Music will range from early times when counterpoint was developing into a wonderful tapestry, to more modern works which also use this style, but in a very different musical context.
Saturday 16/12/2017WelcomeWelcome to our new mobile technology friendly web site. Work refining and improving the site is ongoing.
Thursday 07/12/201719:00MUZE ConcertsMuze (Bernadette Zeilinger - flutes, including recorders, and Diego Mune - guitar). Tuesday, 5. 12. 2017 - 7pm Long Play 318 St Georges Road North Fitzroy 3068 Tuesday, 5. 12. 2017 - 9pm Make It Up Club 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy Wednesday, 6. 12. 2017 - 7pm Lyrebird Lounge 61 Glen Eira Rd Ripponlea, Victoria 3185 Thursday, 7. 12. 2017 - 7pm Testing Ground 1 City Road, Southbank, VIC 3006
Sunday 26/11/201714:30MRO ConcertAnnual Concert by the Melbourne Recorder Orchestra with guests Les Clochards Sunday 26 November at 2:30pm St George's Anglican Church, 296 Glenferrie Road, Malvern
Thursday 05/10/201718:00Spring Weekend Date 5 to 8 October Venue YMCA Lake Dewar, Myrniong Tutors Ruth Wilkinson Hans Dieter Michartz Ryan Williams Alexandra Bailliet-Joly Liz Zetzman Roger Palmer The residential Myrniong Recorder Weekend 2017 is a three-day festival of music-making, providing an excellent opportunity to make music together over an more extended time. At Myrniong we have playing groups led by experienced tutors, Special Sessions covering a range of topics, an excellent concert given by our tutors and the opportunity to play together in a recorder orchestra.
Saturday 03/06/201710:30Quinta Essentia Workshop with concert St Philip's Anglican Church. The program includes a Big Blow featuring South American music; talk and presentation of new and rarely seen recorder and concert.
Saturday 04/02/201714:00Blow in with Ryan Williams and Matthew HorsleyCanterbury Girls Secondary College We know Ryan for his work for the Guild in recent years, including at Myrniong. His work for us reflects his innovative and interesting approach to the recorder's possibilities, and we have enjoyed his musicianship as a performer and teacher. Matthew plays Uillean pipes and percussion, and the duo has performed in classical and folk festivals in Australia, Ireland and The Netherlands.