VRG 20th Anniversary Concert

The VRG 20th Anniversary concert was held at the Methodist Ladies College, Assembly Hall in Kew on the 8th September 1991. You can view the first and second parts of the concert by clicking on the link below. Please scroll down for a programme of the concert.



A Mediaeval Bracket 

Recorders: Zana Clarke
Percussion: Mark Colyvan
Lutes: Martin Greet, Philip Gunter

Mock Morris 

Composer: Percy Grainger. Arranged. Brian Bonsor
Performed By: Student Ensemble
Conductor: Barbara van Ernst
Piano: Barbara Praetz

Fantasy Sextet

Composer: William Byrd
Conductor: Peter Madge

Popular Renaissance Dances

A suite for recorder orchestra arranged by Denis Bloodworth
Conductor: Barry Povey

  1. Courante – Praetorius
  2. Pavane – Susato
  3. Courante – Voelckel 
  4. Galliard – Demantius
  5. Pavane – Susato 
  6. Ronde – Susato 


Sonatine in D 

Composer: Cesar Bresgen
Recorder: Kay Mansell
Piano: Barbara Williams

Ten Little Pieces (Nos. 1, 6 and 10)

Composer: Aans Poser
Recorder: Kay Mansell
Piano: Barbara Williams

Sand Dunes

Composer and conductor: Peter Madge

Regina Caeli

Composer: Romulo Naldi
Conductor: Barbara Praetz


Composer: Glyn Marillier
Conductor: Ruth Morley


Composer: Andrew Challinger
Conductor: Kay Mansell