VRG Purpose

The purpose of the Victorian Recorder Guild is:

  1. To provide a medium through which recorder players may communicate with each other, exchange knowledge and ideas, and meet for musical and social purposes.
  2. To provide opportunities for players to develop their interest and skills, in particular through the establishment of music groups whose members may meet regularly to enjoy and make music.
  3. To promote more and better facilities within the community for the teaching and learning of the recorder, so that all shall have opportunities to attain the highest possible standards of playing.
  4. To define standards of recorder playing and to work closely with any persons or organisations teaching recorder with a view to conference with them regarding curricula and assessment of standards.
  5. To establish a music library and to develop any other resource facilities considered valuable to recorder players.
  6. To communicate and co-operate with other music guilds and societies.
  7. To stimulate within the community general interest in and appreciation of the instrument and its music, through such means as public performance, and contact with broadcasting authorities, recording companies and concert giving organisations.
  8. To encourage the writing and publication of music suited to the recorder repertoire.